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Sep 2

New Release: Timeshares - “Bearable”

New York’s Timeshares have announced their debut album. It will drop on October.

Click the link for more details.

FFO: Stay Ahead of the Weather, Daylight.

ARTIST: Timeshares
TITLE: Bearable
RELEASE DATE: October 25
LABEL: Kind of Like
ABOUT: Check out the track, Too Many ELO Days, here.

1. From an Admirer Not Darryl
2. Everyday Doops
3. Focus, Eddie
4. Oh No Not That
5. Sarah, Send Your Driver
6. Damn Near By Beer
7. Too Many ELO Days
8. Chinese Coffee Torture
9. Skirt Wednesday
10. Mumbleface
11. Woke Up in Grappler School
12. Math & Science

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