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Nov 17

[AUSTRALIA] New Tour: Scott Kelly (Neurosis) & John Baizley (Baroness)

Scott Kelly of Neurosis and John Baizley of Baroness will be doing an acoustic tour in February. Best.

Check the details out below.

Scott Kelly of Neurosis

Hailing from Oakland, California, and making his mark on music way back in 1985 as one of three founding members of the legendary North American hardcore / metal band Neurosis, Scott Kelly has influenced a whole generation of musicians wanting to take heavy music into new realms of consciousness. Over the years Scott has also been involved with the Neurosis alter ego’s Tribes of Neurot, Blood and Time, the doom metal super group Shrinebuilder, and as a guest vocalist on Mastodon’s last four studio albums.

   With two solo albums and countless European and U.S. solo tours behind him, Scott Kelly will now finally make his mark on Australia soil, with non other than a acoustic in hand a songbook of 25+ years of experience!

John Baizley of Baroness

As the axe swinging vocalist, and founding member, of Savannah, Georgia, heavy weights of modern metal Baroness, John Baizley has single handedly re-written the law book that was once written by the likes of Neurosis, and become the new crowning king of artistically creditable progressive metal.

    The benchmark he’s set as a musician is unquestionable, the impact he’s made is unmatched, and the quality of his work has become legendary! Then there’s John Baizley the graphic artist, which has gained him further critical acclaim due to it’s heavy ties with the scene he presently pioneers.

    As an Australian first, not to mention a World first, John Baizley will be unplugging his millions of guitar pedals, packing up his full stack, and dusting off the acoustic he once left in the corner of the Baroness rehearsal room, to tour New Zealand and Australia as a solo artist.

With no solo releases of any respect to preview his material, the only way fans are going to get to hear his solo material will be at these exclusive solo shows.

Presented by Heathen Skulls | Tickets on Sale Friday, November 18.

Saturday, February 4 @ The Civic, Perth. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Sunday, February 5 @ Fowlers Live, Adelaide. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Monday, February 6 @ The National Hotel, Geelong. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Wednesday, February 8 @ ANU Bar, Canberra. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Thursday, February 9 @ The Zoo, Brisbane. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Friday, February 10 @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Saturday, February 11 @ The Manning Bar, Sydney. [18+ - 8.00pm]
Sunday, February 12 @ The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart. [18+ - 8.00pm]

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